Saturday, November 26, 2016

Art is a Healing Force

Mail Art Salon 2016 - 2017
Open Call

“The country is so wounded, bleeding, and hurt right now. The country needs to be healed—it's not going to be healed from the top, politically. How are we going to heal? Art is the healing force.”
Robert Redford
National Arts Policy Roundtable 2012

This is a season for healing.  A time to slow down for a moment and let the power of making and sharing art heal us. 

This project is a call for all artists to make a little piece of art and mail it to someone who may not be expecting it.  Take a photo of the piece you make and post it Then post a photo online with the hash-tag #MailArtSalon

In addition to sending art to someone who may never have received art in the mail before, you may submit original works to the sponsor at the address below.

  • Original artwork only; no photocopies or reproductions
  • Postcards; 4” x 6” or 5” x 7”
  • All media and techniques welcome
  • Multiple entries allowed
  • Each entry must be individually submitted through the postal system; no email or online entries accepted.
  • No fees, no jury, no returns.

Please include your name, mailing address and email address with each work submitted. Title of the work and medium are encouraged but not required.

A list of participants will be compiled and provided to participants by email after the submission deadline.  If you do not want your contact details (postal and email address) to be included please let us know.

Information and Photos of the individual entries will be displayed online at

Mail entries to:

Mail Art Salon
9526 Viewside Dr.   
Dallas, Texas 75231

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mail Art Salon 2014 Sumbitted Work

Since I published the Mail Art Salon 2014 call last summer, my mailbox has not seen a day without wonderful art from all around the world.  Thank you to the many artists who submitted works of beauty and delicacy and thoughtfulness and sometimes challenging subject matter.  I truly believe that Art is life and that we should all make art.  Here are images of some of the works that I received in response to the call.  I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who sent work, and to those of you who enjoy it here on my blog.
Maria Jose Silve-Mize - Portugal

Ana Garcia - Portugal

Walter H. J. Smeitink-Muhlbacher - Netherlands

Victor Femenias - Chile

Victor Femenias - Chile

Vanja Mervic - Slovenia

Michael Wagner - Germany

Miranda Vissers - Netherlands

Siiri Korhonen - Finland

Thomas Nondh Jansen - Netherlands

Valentine Mark Herman - France

Maria Darmeli Araujo - Brazil

Maria Darmeli Araujo (Envelope) - Brazil

Klaus Pinter - Austria

Keith R. Bloodworth - Canada

Daniel C. Boyer - USA

Claudia Garcia - Argentina

Connie Jean - USA

Indiana Rogers - USA

dollsxbleedxsugar - USA

Eric Bruth - France

C Wright Evans - USA

Antonia Calabrese - Italy

Anja Mattila-Tolvanen - Finland

Andreas Horn - Germany
Lora Azza - France

Larissa Pirogovski - Canada

Larissa Pirogovski - Canada

Sheila Wright - Canada

Mihail Zhelyazkov - France

Mute Sound - Spain

Petrolpetal (Envelope) - South Africa

Petrolpetal - South Africa

Ryosuke Cohen - Japan

Larissa Pirogovski - Canada

Kateryna Bordsova - Ukraine

Kateryna Bordsova - Ukraine

Dorian Ribas Marinho - Brazil

Fenix Fenix - France

Jan Rieckhoff - Germany

Jiri Subrt - Czech Republic

Jiri Subrt - Czech Republic

Jiri Subrt - Czech Republic

Anna Krzton - Poland

Christie Williams - Australia

Daan & Maryke - Netherlands

Dimitri Dimiov - France

Dorian Ribas Marinho - Brazil
Hester Wright - USA

Hester Wright - USA

Jaromir Svozilik - Norway

Petrolpetal - South Africa

Pushpakaran.K.K - India

Pushpakaran.K.K - India

Pushpakaran.K.K - India
Rosanna Veronesi - Italy

Rosanna Veronesi - Italy

Russell Manning - USA

Russell Manning - USA

Ryosuke Cohen - Japan
Andre Pace - USA

Andre Pace - USA

Andrea Jay - USA

Bernhard Zilling - Germany

Bradley Lastname - USA

Bruno Gheerbrant - Belgium

Carlo Maria Giudici - Italy

Che-Botics - Australia

Clemente Padin - Uruguay

David Schulze -USA
Eni Illis - Brazil

Ferencz Daniel - Budapest

Gary Sweeney - USA

Greetje van den Akker - Netherlands

Holly Hopka - USA

Honoria - USA

John Jennings - Ireland

Jose Alcalde Soberanes - Mexico

Josh Rosen - USA

Judy Skolnick - USA
Mari Antonia - Brazil

Marina von Ketteler - Germany

Michel Della Vedova - France

Monica Rex - USA

Mute Sound - Spain

Nick Canaterucci - USA

Simon Warren - UK

Svetlana Volosivk - Belarus

Torill Larsen - Norway
 Erminia Marasca Soccol - Brazil
Luiza Alexandra Lewczuk - Brazil 
Nancy Dornelles - Brazil 
Anne Braunschweig - USA
Chris - USA