Saturday, February 17, 2018

Have We Lost Love?

Mail Art Salon February 17, 2018

I believe Art is a Healing Force and that we can heal the world with acts of kindness.  

But at times that seems very difficult.  Particularly when the voices of hate and fear are so loud.  Responding to those voices and to acts of violence by making art helps me cope. My latest mail art postcard project incorporates figure drawings, paint and fragments of text that I had recently used in making Valentine's Day cards. Exploring the connection between unbounded love and unmitigated tragedy using a single set of images reminds me of how frail we are.  Maybe getting art in the mail helps us be a little stronger. 

I want to show my thanks and support for those who have suffered loss, those who struggle, the unknown who face adversity, or anyone who just needs to know someone is thinking of them.

To turn my belief that Art is a Healing Force into action, I will make and send a piece of mail art through the mail to anyone who requests it.  

Click HERE and provide your contact information; then watch your mailbox!

You can read more about my other mail art projects here on my blog.

If you want to join me in this project, I invite you to send me a postcard at the address below. 

Art is a Healing Force
Mail Art Salon
9526 Viewside Dr.   
Dallas, Texas 75231

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